Wonder of Water Answer Sheet

Question 1-Name 4 forms of precipitation

Answer- Rain, sleet, hail, snow

Question  2-What is it called when ground water enters the soil?


Question 3-How does heat transfer of air & water happen?


Question 4-From what source is most evaporation?

Answer-The Ocean

Question 5-What is water evaporation into air from plants called?


Question 6-Name 4 sources of runoff

Answer-Rivers, lakes, ocean, ground-water

Question 7-When cool temperature causes water vapor to condense in clouds it is called?


Question 8-Name 3 forms water molecules undergo in the water cycle

Answer-solid, liquid, and gas

Question 9-Which 3 forms of water molecules always surrounds us?

Answer- water/liquid molecules

Question 10-Which living thing is the greatest source of transpiration in the water cycle?


Question 11-Where does runoff from lakes, rivers and ground water go?


Question 12= Which living things use respiration to breathe


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