Answer sheet-Terrific Turtles

Terrific Turtles Answer Sheet

Question-True or false? All turtles lay and bury their eggs on land?


Question-What turtle gets their name from the red, orange and yellow stripes on their neck, head and tail?

Answer-Painted Turtle.

Question-True or false? The shell of a turtle is made up of 60 different bones connected together?


Question-What are some of the predators of turtles?

Answer-Frogs, crows, snakes, squirrels, raccoon.

Question-A group of turtles is called?  a 1. Flock 2. School 3. Bale 4. Club

Answer- 3. Bale

Question-What turtle is also called a stinkpot? 1. Musk 2. Painted 3. Wood 4. Box

Answer-1. Musk turtle. They release a smelly and musky odor in order to keep their predators away.

Question-True or false? Turtles and Tortoises don’t have teeth.

Answer-True-Their mouths have a hard sharpened edge they use to bite with.

Question-What turtle is called the polka dot turtle? 1. Musk 2. Spotted 3. Box 4. Wood

Answer-2. Spotted.

Question-True or false? Turtle shells are attached to their bodies and grow as the turtle grows.

Answer-True. As the turtle grows the shell grows along with it.

Question-Where do turtles live? 1. Deserts 2. Forests 3. Rivers 4. Oceans 5. All

Answer- 5. All.

Question- Which sounds do turtles make? 1. Cluck 2. Whine 3. Burp 4. Yelp 5. All

Answer- 5. All

Question-What is the one food group turtles cannot eat?

Answer-Milk and milk products. They can’t digest lactose/diary.

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