Answer Sheet Batty for Bats

Batty for Bats Answer Sheet

Question-True or False? Bats are the only mammal that can really fly?


Question-What is a group of bats called?

Answer-2. A colony.

Question-True or False? All bats are black.

Answer-False. Bats come in many different colors-black, brown, red, gray, spotted.

Question-How do bats help farmers and the environment?

Answer-The pollinate fruit and night flowers like cactus. They help spread seeds to create new fruit trees and by eating insects that are harmful to plants/crops.

Question-What are baby bats called?

Answer-2. Pups

Question-What do bats eat? 1. Fruit 2. Insects 3. Fish 4. Frogs 5. Small animals 6. All of the above

Answer-6. All of the above

Question-Bat homes are called what?

Answer-1. Roosts

Question-True or False? All bats sleep upsdown.


Question-How many fingers to bats have?

Answer-3. Thumb and  4 fingers

Question-Bats send out sound waves through what part of their bodies?

Answer-1. Mouth and Nose.

Question-Echolocation is used by bats to do what?

Answer-Bats use sound waves and echoes (echolocation) to hunt and find food in the dark. Bats listen to the echoes to figure out where the object is, how big it is and its shape.

Question-What do bats use their wings for besides flying?

Answer-They use their wings for holding or grasping on to their food and their young.


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